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Dear Colleagues,


We are glad to draw your attention to a number of special sessions that have been organised for the 6th International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research (ICWRER VI) that will be held from 3 to 7 June 2013 in Koblenz, Germany. Renowned experts will provide overviews on fundamental issues in environmental sciences and hydrology. The sessions are meant to provide extra space for ample discussion while addressing both established researchers and young scientists. We hope to develop a lively dialogue giving fresh impetus to research and development in the fields covered by the sessions.


MONDAY, 03 June 2013

Prof. A. H. Schumann: Probabilities in water management - applications of statistical tools, their benefits and limitations This special session starts with an overview about applications of statistical tools in water management planning. The basic assumptions of mathematical statistics are compared with the specific characteristics of hydrological and water management data. The implications for applications e.g. for design flood estimations are discussed. The following discussion is aimed to give recommendations for useful applications, depending on the targets of such studies and the need for skilled users. It aims to characterise questionable or unsuitable conditions and practices for their applications as well.


TUESDAY, 04 June 2013

Dr. E. Stakhiv, Dr. D. Raff, Dr. M. Wijnen, Prof. H. von Storch: Panel on "Engineering Adaptation Strategies and Infrastructure Design Requirements to Deal with Climate Uncertainty"

The panel discusses some of the critical issues surrounding contemporary engineering design and planning issues related to contemporary infrastructure planning, design and operation under climate variability and change uncertainties.


WEDNESDAY, 05 June 2013

Prof. A. Bárdossy: Data - information - (mis)interpretation This session is aimed to give participants the opportunity to discuss analysis and interpretation of hydrological data with Professor András Bárdossy. Different approaches and common misunderstandings in data analysis and interpretation will be discussed.


THURSDAY, 06 June 2013

Prof. G. Blöschl: Hydrological Modelling This session is dedicated to discussing issues related to hydrological modelling. Conference participants who are interested in hydrological models are invited to send questions and comments to [email protected]. The questions will serve as a basis for discussing modelling issues with Professor Günter Blöschl (Vienna) during the session. A special focus is set on restrictions and conditions for modelling, scales, and adequacy of modelling approaches.


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With best wishes and hoping to see you in Koblenz in June,


The Local Organizing Committee

IHP/HWRP Secretariat

Federal Institute of Hydrology Am Mainzer Tor 1

56068 Koblenz









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